Conference History

CACRE 2021

6th International Conference on Automation, Control and Robotics Engineering (CACRE 2021) was held in Dalian, China. Due to the COVID-19 and travel restrictions, the conference was held in a hybrid format, including both on-site and cloud meetings.
第六届自动化、控制和机器人工程国际会议(CACRE 2021)已成功于2021年7月15至16日在中国大连召开,由于国际旅行限制以及新冠肺炎影响,此次会议采取了混合形式(线上+线下)举行。

CACRE 2020

During early 2020, many countries and regions has been going through a hard time due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to this reason, 5th International Conference on Automation, Control and Robotics Engineering (CACRE 2020) has been held in online from Sept. 19-20, 2020.
介于全球新冠肺炎的爆发, 第五届自动化、控制和机器人工程国际会议(CACRE 2020)于 2020 年 9 月 19 日至 9 月 20 日在线上举行。

CACRE 2019

CACRE 2019 was successfully held in Georgia Tech Tianjin University Shenzhen Institute (GTSI), Shenzhen, China from July 19 to July 21, 2019!
第四届自动化、控制和机器人工程国际会议(CACRE 2019)已成功于2019年7月19日至21日在天津大学佐治亚理工深圳学院举行,会议吸引了来自国内外高校,科研机构,企业等近150名专家学者等参与,围绕人工智能、机器人以及控制工程等热点问题进行了交流学习。


CACRE 2018

CACRE 2018 was successfully held in Sichuan University, China during Jul. 19-22, 2018! 
CACRE 2018已成功于2018年7月19日至22日在四川大学望江校区举行,会议围绕“自动化、控制与机器人”主题,共同探讨交流了这一领域的最新发展与成果。




CACRE 2017

CACRE 2017 was successfully held in Czech Technical University In Prague from June 28-30, 2017! 
CACRE 2017于2017年6月28日至30日在捷克理工大学召开,与会代表就自动化技术、控制工程与机器人工程等问题展开深入交流与讨论。



CACRE 2016

 CACRE 2016 was successfully held in Kitakyushu during Jul. 13-15, 2016!
CACRE 2016于2016年7月13日至15日在日本北九州举行。